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Coffee Shop Concert—Evie Haskell

On Stage

Peace, by Evie Haskell
Until Then, by Evie Haskell


haskellSince the release of her 2006 debut project, Evie Haskell quickly caught the attention of Worship Leader Magazine (WLM), SongDISCovery, and others in the music industry. WLM praised her album saying, “Evie is a new worship artist that enters like a fresh breeze on the Christian music scene.” Describing her music as “piano driven (with serious chops on that front) and a sweet, slightly airy voice that lets her songs of adoration move with grace beyond the status quo,” WLM notes that “listeners will hear bits of Twila Paris and overtones of Vanessa Carlton, but brought together, they form a sweet sounding tone that has its own musical mark.”

Keith Mohr, President of Indieheaven, has this to say about Evie:

“I*ve been working with thousands of independent Christian artists since 1997, and it is seldom I come across an artist who moves me as much as Evie Haskell. Evie*s passion and excellence are sure to increase the scope of her music mission in the coming years!”

Jeff McLaughlin of Contemporary Christian Music Network International agrees.

“Evie is a young lyricist and vocalist that you will see and hear a lot about in the future.”

Learn more at www.eviehaskell.com and Indieheaven.
Her music is available on iTunes as well.


©Evie Haskell

In the ruins
In the broken places
In the desert of my heart
There’s a river, and He is the Savior
Speaking peace to every part

Peace, Peace
Peace, Peace

In the roses
In the celebrations
In the stories lived and told
In the weeping of the war-torn nations
Hear the echoes of resounding hope

Hear the children dreaming
Hear my heart is beating

Until Then
©Evie Haskell

Blank white canvas
Standing, waiting for a waving Hand
I can’t guess the lines or colors
That the Artist’s planned

But until then, I’ll trust the Artist’s Hand
Until then, I’ll be
Content to stand, ‘Til I display the Painter’s Plan
Embracing mystery

Things seem shady

Dark and grainy

These shadows fill the skies

Then I realize–opposite the shadow lies

An ever-guiding light

I don’t claim to know the reason or the rhyme
I can only see one line at a time
And these bold red strokes– they don’t make sense
But one day, I’ll see the masterpiece
And know that He knows best

Clothed in white, I’ll walk beside Him
Down streets of purest gold
There, unveiled, the masterpiece
My wakened eyes behold

Hear the nations weeping
Hear the Savior, speaking peace

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