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Coffee Shop Concert—Becky Thomas

On Stage

The Spirit Way, by Becky Thomas
I Delight In You, by Becky Thomas
Heal The Land, by Becky Thomas


Becky Thomas has been writing songs and playing music since she was a teen, when she encountered worship music through an interdenominational youth group she was a part of. “Up until that time I had been trained in classical piano, with a few pop songs thrown in here and there to keep up my interest.” Of that first encounter she describes, “I was mesmerized. I had never heard anything like it, nor had I ever experienced the Presence of God in such a sweet and tangible way. Every time we came together to worship, I was caught up in the beauty and sweetness of Jesus”.

Of her singing and songwriting talents Thomas says, “In all honesty, after my mom told me I couldn’t sing, I fasted and prayed for the abilities I have, I so wanted to express my heart to the Creator through music”.

Born in Bristol, Tennessee, raised in Winston Salem, NC and various parts of CA, traveled to different countries and states through Youth With A Mission and other ministries, and now settled in Canada for the last 14 years, Thomas borrows from the many different genres that have made up her life and musical experience on her first solo debut, “I Delight in You”. Some of the more unique sounds interwoven through this album include First Nations chants and drums, spoken Scriptures in paraphrase, and Hebrew names for God.

“With stories of Native American grandparents in my family, more and more I find myself writing songs that include native drums and chants – they speak so deeply to my psyche and bring me into such a place of deep prayer and intercession. In North America we have seen music connect peoples of many different races, bringing about a degree of healing and appreciation while exposing issues that are easy to suppress or ignore such as bigotry, poverty etc.

Within the aboriginal community there are still deep wounds of rejection due to abuse suffered in the residential schools and the dark history surrounding dealings between the government and institutionalized church. I hope that as people worship with me, they will remember that the Jesus we worship actually came as Yeshua, a brown skinned Jewish man from the tribe of Judah, who isn’t afraid of different colors or cultures, but embraces each one of us!”

Thomas also has a collection of songs she released on “Worship From the Valley”, a multimedia project that incorporated 3 cities, art, dance, painting, a children’s choir, story telling, etc. The theme of the album was based out of Psalm 89 where it states “Blessed are those whose hearts are set on pilgrimage. As they go through the valley of bitterness they make is a place of springs.”

Currently, Becky and her husband Larry have just embarked on a new adventure in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, land of the prairies and the northern lights – a few hours up from North Dakota They are pastoring a Foursquare church with a strong worship and prayer emphasis as well as a unique focus on intergenerational expression. Becky is also working on a new project with some dear friends from Tsay Keh Dene in northern BC. This project is an effort to record the miracles that the Creator has been doing for decades in the Tsikani people of that area. She also plans on teaching music (Music For Young Children) and establishing a multicultural, intergenerational gospel choir in this next year. Becky and Larry have two beautiful daughters who bring them great delight.

News Flash
Becky’s album, “I Delight in You”, has just received four Covenant award nominations from the Canadian Gospel Music Association! Categories include:
1. Aboriginal Best Song – “Heal the Land”
2. Aboriginal Best Song – “Spirit Way
3. Country/Bluegrass Best Song – “No High Like The Most High”
4. Aboriginal Best Album – “I Delight In You”


I Delight In You
©2002 Becky Thomas

I heard the voice of the Father
And this is what He said
I delight in you
I delight in you
I delight in you my child

But words could not
express His thought
So He lifted up His voice
He put the words into a song
And sang it with great joy
He sang:

I delight in you
I delight in you
I delight in you, my child
I delight in you
I delight in you
I delight in you, my child Hey!

I heard the voice of the Father
He bent down to my ear
And whispered to me gently
To free me from my fear

He reached down and He lifted me
And held me to His heart
Like a child held by its mother
So I was in His arms
He sang:

And He was jumping and leaping
And dancing about
Till all of heaven rejoiced
in the sound

I love the voice of my Father
I love to hear Him speak
But you know, I come undone
Each time He starts singing over me
And I love it when He’s leaping
And twirling over me
And I can’t help but to shout
aloud, “My Father, He loves me!”
And I sing:

I delight in You
I delight in You
I delight in You, my God!

CCLI# 327380

Heal The Land
©2002 Becky Thomas

Yeshua Ha’Mashiach
Jesus our Messiah
Savior, Redeemer
Anointed One

Set us free, set us free

Creator, Life Breather
Earth and Sky Shaper
Fire of the mountains
Painter of Seasons

Heal the land, heal our land
Heal the land, heal our land

Hey eh eh Yawheh! 3x

Father of the orphan
Son of God and man
Husband to the widow
Lover of men’s souls

Hear our tears as we weep
Hear our tears as we weep

CCLI# 327380

The Spirit Way
©2002 Becky Thomas

You are the Great Spirit
Creator, Waymaker
Jesus, the Truth Sayer
Lead us in Your ways
You are the Joy Giver
And You’re my soul center
The Covenant Keeper
Keep us in the way

One God, one Lord, one Christ
One Father uniting our tribes
One fire that burns with many flames
Keep us in, keep us in, keep us in the Spirit way
(for ending 2x Jesus way, 3rd time Spirit)

Fierce as lions roaring
You’re the eagle soaring
Earth, sky, 7 oceans
Underneath your wing

You are heaven’s wisdom
Holding earth’s foundation
Sovereignty of nations
Let Your kingdom come

CCLI# 327380