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Help for the Hurting–Astrology/New Age

Real Life Survivors
If you struggle with spiritual or personal conflicts and wonder how to get past them, the re-release of Released From Bondage, by Neil T. Anderson will open your eyes and heal your heart. In this book, rich with spiritual insights, several real life survivors step forward to share how they broke free from emotional, mental, and spiritual captivity. These stories come from people who have overcome sexual abuse, compulsive thoughts and behaviors, eating disorders, sexual difficulties, and depression, as well as other harsh realities. For unforgettable stories with real life-transforming guidance, be sure to add this to your must-read list this summer. Neil T. Anderson has also written the bestselling books, Victory Over the Darkness and The Bondage Breaker.


The Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry
The New Age movement teaches inner-divinity, goddesses, the Christ consciousness, spiritual evolution, being one-with-nature, and anything else you want to believe — except Christianity.

ExWitch Ministries
ExWitch Ministries exists to win pagans and occultists to a faith in Jesus Christ.

Watchmen Bible Study Group
See what the Bible has to say about astrology and the occult.

Absolute Truth
A site designed to challenge people to think about their purpose in life, the existence of absolute truth, the practical aspects of the Bible, and more. Read what Daniel Jarvis has to say about astrology.

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