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Coffee Shop Concert—Jan Cline

On Stage

Kim’s Lullaby, words by Kim Brake, music by Jan Cline
One Holy Night, by Jan Cline
Sweet Baby Mine, by Jan Cline


Many of us wish we could find the peaceful rest that babies enjoy. Our lives become a whirl of stress and worry. Our problems seem bigger than God. We long to have someone hold us in their arms and cuddle us to sleep, where we can dream sweet dreams. Jesus said “suffer not the little ones to come to me”. What a joy it can be to our wounded hearts to come to Him as a child in need of rest. His spirit is there to softly speak comfort to us.

I recorded this lullaby CD as a legacy to my grandchildren. However, I am hearing from the adults that listen to it that it has a calming effect on them as well. The simple melodies God gives can bring us back to the plain truth of His love and care. We are His children and He longs to “sing” us to restful sleep. His hand is always there to hold. Don’t be afraid to crawl into the arms of your Father and rest.

I am also a writer in the process of publishing my first book and finishing my second. I took time out from being an author to do some songwriting for this CD. It is titled “Baby Notes” Lullaby Music by Jan Cline. It is available for sale on www.precious08.etsy.com, or by emailing me at jcline@jancline.net. A sample of the music can also be heard on my website at www.jancline.net on the products page. I hope to do a Christmas CD in 2009 as well.


Kim’s Lullaby
©Words by Kim Brake, Music by Jan Cline

Lord I thank you for this little babe
Lord I marvel at all that you’ve made
I pray that you will guide him and light his very path
That he will never stray from the plans you have

Lord I pray you hear this mother’s prayers
Give me your wisdom and remove all of my fears
Give him a heart to follow You
Chasing after dreams like they’re butterflies in the Spring
Living all You’ve planned just for him
Guided by your word and the promise of your Son
Knowing that he’s never alone.

Lord I offer up these prayers to you
To be carried up on angels wings
Keep him safe I pray, give him strength each day
Resting in the peace of your great hands
Lord I pray you hear this mother’s prayer

One Holy Night
©Jan Cline

One holy night a child was born
The son of God and He came to give us life
A star grew bright, the wise men came
And all of earth would never be the same

Precious and Holy Jesus the One who was fortold
Wonderful Savior, Prince of Peace, lover of my soul

One holy night heaven came down
To light the way, He came to bring us joy
The angels sang, wonders proclaimed
And all of earth would never be the same

Sweet Baby Mine
©Jan Cline

Sweet baby mine it’s time to sleep
Angels will come to watch and keep
Night fills the sky with stars to shine
So sleep sweet baby mine

You my precious child will fill my heart with joy
I will always hold you close
God has given me your smile to light my day
Now it’s time for me to say