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Coffee Shop Concert—Jaime Thietten

On Stage

My Chance, by Jaime Thietten
Riverboat Ride, by Jaime Thietten
Open Door, by Jaime Thietten


Radiating with pure and simple joy, Jaime Thietten’s (pronounced Teeten) personality is combined with a touch of Celine and a bit of Faith and her own captivating stylings to create her unforgettable music ministry. Her commitment to God is evident as she sings from the depths of her soul in a concert that will lift you to your feet in joy and then drop you to your knees in worship.

In March, Jaime’s pro-life song, My Chance, was named “2009 Song of the Year” at the Indieheaven Momentum Awards in Nashville. On June 1, 2009, the song won the Grand Prize of $5000 and #1 position in the overall Music Finals in the fan-voted OurStage.com music competition for May 2009. “I am so thankful for everyone who voted and I am truly humbled by the fact that “My Chance” is touching so many people” comments Thietten.

She and her husband, Pete, are proud parents of two purebred Boxers, Patxi and Daisy. Pete, a musician as well (a drummer), is very supportive and often collaborates with Jaime on her music and ministry. They are both very devoted to using their lives to further the kingdom of God.

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Lyrics—Words and Music by Jaime Thietten

My Chance

Leaves were fallin’ on Sunrise road
I watched her mamma button her coat
And then I heard that little girl say
Can your kid come out and play

I tried to swallow the lump in my throat
Said we couldn’t wait to bring him home
Ain’t it funny how you forget
We were gonna call him Chance

Oh My Chance He would have had eyes as blue as oceans
My Chance, would have been an angel from above
I would have sang him lullabies before he went to bed
But I missed, I missed my Chance

I bought him the cutest little shoes
Painted my room in pastel blues
But they said we were to young
To raise a son


They promised we’d never regret it
And to this day their words, their words still hurt
We prayed each day that God would understand
But we never got a second Chance

Riverboat Ride

The city’s cold and gray tonight
The rain is fallin’ on the traffic passin by
See a face I think I know
Don’t look back, don’t ask why

Wanna go on a Riverboat Ride
It’ll be alright in the mornin’ light
Wanna go on a Riverboat Ride
Gonna figure it out, gonna make a way somehow

Woke up on a sunday morn’
Looked around and notice you had gone
Took awhile for me to realize
The love I need is right inside of me

Open Door

I’m just waiting for another open door
Sometimes it’s hard to see
What you have in store for me
And I know I shouldn’t be afraid
Because you know just what I need, oh Lord
I’m waiting for an open door

And I’ll trust in you, I’ll trust in you
It’s the only thing that’s left for me to do
If I could look through your eyes
Then I’d finally realize
Your plan for me is more so much more
Oh Lord I’m waiting for an open door