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Violet Nesdoly—Guest Writer

In the Waiting Room

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Why are you here? Are you waiting for the phone call of biopsy results, the email announcing whether the deal will go forward, the envelope that holds your college acceptance? Maybe you’re waiting for Mr. or Miss Right to come along, Mr. Right to pop the question, the Right’s house to sell or Baby Right to be conceived. Perhaps you’ve been here a long time, waiting for your spouse, child or parent to accept the Lord. Whatever the reason, consider these thoughts as you continue to wait:

– God has programmed waiting into creation (Ecclesiastes. 3:1-8).

In the natural world we wait for the seasons to change, crops to grow, babies to form, children to mature, bones to knit, bodies to heal. Though modern conveniences condition us to expect instant results, watching nature’s rhythms helps us see that waiting is a natural part of life.

– God’s concept of time is different than ours (2 Peter 3:8,9).

We have expectations of when things should happen. We’ll get our education between the ages of five and 25, begin a job or career, marry, settle into a home and about two years after that begin a family… and on it goes. When any of these don’t pan out we grow impatient, even panic. However, it’s obvious from scripture that God’s ways often don’t adhere to expectations. He spoke to Samuel when he was a child, had David crowned king as a youth, spoke through uneducated Amos, launched Moses into his lifework well past middle age and allowed Sarah and Elizabeth to conceive after menopause. Nothing can stand in the way of God’s purposes when it’s His fullness of time.

– Our ability to wait is a powerful weapon on the spiritual battlefield.

Witness the disastrous results of refusing to wait:

– At impatient Sarah’s insistence, Hagar (her maid) and Abraham (her husband) coupled to have Ishmael. This attempt to fulfill God’s promise of providing an heir for Abraham was premature and spawned a race which has always been at enmity with the Jewish people (Genesis 16).

– A pressured and fearful king Saul performed the pre-battle sacrifice that only Samuel was supposed to make. As a result he lost God’s blessing and his family’s connection to the throne was broken. (I Samuel 13:1-14).

On the other hand, when we wait for God’s timing, we ride the wave of His blessing and benediction:

– Though Joseph waited two more years after he’d asked for a released prisoner to mention him to Pharaoh, when he was freed, he rose instantly to become second-in-command of all Egypt (Genesis 41).

– Daniel persisted in prayer and fasting, and received an answer from an angelic visitor despite resistance in the spirit realm (Daniel 10).

– The early church waited in Jerusalem for the empowering of the Holy Spirit before attempting to fulfill Jesus’ great commission (Acts 1:4-8; 2).

Probably one day soon, your wait will be over. But chances are you’ll be back, waiting for something else. Take it from one who feels like she’s spent a lot of time here – as you become aware of God’s rhythms, as you begin to grasp the concept of God’s creativity with time and resources, as you prove God’s faithfulness through wait after wait – it gets easier.

©2006 Violet Nesdoly. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Violet Nesdoly is a freelance writer who works from her home near Vancouver B.C., Canada. An award-winning poet and writer for children and adults, her work has appeared on Utmost Christian Writers, Lifetools for Women, Clubhouse Magazine and others. Her reviews of Christian fiction are regularly syndicated by Blogcritics .org to the Advance.net group of ezines. When she is not writing (and reading) you’ll probably find her in her garden, taking a walk, or singing in the church choir. To learn more visit her website at: www.faithwriters.com/websites/my_website.php?id=1266