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Coffee Shop Concert—Kathleen Mikkelsen

On Stage

To Calvary, by Kathleen Mikkelsen
Be Thou My Vision, arranged by Kathleen Mikkelsen
Come Thou Fount, arranged by Kathleen Mikkelsen


kathleenKathleen Mikkelsen has a classical background in piano (Master of Music from New Mexico State) and many years of worship music experience. She has been married to her husband Jim for twenty-four years and they have two sons—Christian and Collin. Though she’s raised her family in Northern Virginia, one can hear the influence of her Western roots (California, Nevada and New Mexico) that filter into her relaxed approach to music and writing. She loves a wide variety of styles and desires genuineness in music and lyrics to communicate real life.

“Restoration” is a project designed to be an all piano “backdrop” to personal reflection. The base materials used are old hymns. It’s pure, meditative piano—traditional redone as a backdrop for personal worship today. Whether hymns are familiar friends or strangers to you the contemporary revisions here will restore you and calm you. For more information you can reach Kathleen at mikkelsenk@comcast.net

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Lyrics—Words and Music by Kathleen Mikkelsen

To Calvary

The blood of Christ was shed for me.
The past is gone, I am set free.
The Prince of Peace wept tears as He
Carried my cross to Calvary.

One sacrifice, sent once to die.
Hung with the weight of all, that I
Could live beyond my selfish lies
And see through Jesus’ sacred eyes.


To Calvary, Calvary
My Savior went to die for me.
To Calvary, Calvary
There I must look, that I may see.

I did not know, I could not care,
Would not believe that You were there.
When sorrow nearly buried me,
I dared to hope – You dared to heal.


There’s not a thing that You would ask
There’s not one thing that I won’t give
Just my heart, my trust, my soul
I give You this to be made whole.

The blood of Christ…