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Jesus the Star of Christmas


By Sherry Allchin

Stars have always been a sign of status and importance. In Hollywood there are stars with names implanted in the sidewalks that give honor to famous people called “Stars.” For only $54 to the star registry, you can have a celestial star named after you or someone that you love and respect. As you look to that spot in the sky, you remember their importance to you.

Let us remember that Jesus is the Star of Christmas. At His birth, a star signified His importance and uniqueness. He takes center stage in plays, cantatas, carols, and Pastors’ messages on Christmas. He will still be the primary star of the season long after those Hollywood stars are forgotten.

There have always been various responses to the Star. Herod was fearful, troubled, and angered by the star. (Matt 2:3) He saw Jesus as competition to his throne. All Jerusalem was also troubled, perhaps because they knew the prophecy of Jer. 31:15, fulfilled when Herod ordered the infants two years and under to be killed (Mt 2:16).

The shepherds’ first response to the Star was fear (Lu 2:9) but soon changed to glorifying, praising God and telling everyone about Him (Lu 2:17,20). The Magi rejoiced when they saw the Star (Mt 2:10), followed by humility, worship and giving Him gifts.

During this Christmas season, Jesus the Star will still stir up various responses from many people. Let us who love Him choose the responses of the shepherds and the Magi.

©2009 Sherry Allchin. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Sherry Allchin has a Master’s Degree in Biblical Counseling from Trinity Seminary, Newburg IN, and has been counseling at Biblical Counseling Center in Arlington Heights since 1994. Sherry and her husband Ron have served in ministry together for 38 years, with more than 20 years experience in youth ministry and several years teaching in Christian schools. Since 1989 they have worked together at BCC, and enjoy traveling and teaching at seminars together around the globe. They attend Harvest Bible Chapel, Rolling Meadows IL. They have three married children who all serve the Lord alongside godly mates. Sherry enjoys reading and gardening, but especially loves spoiling her seven wonderful grandchildren. (See www.biblicalcounselingcenter.org)