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Gratitude A Choice Worth Making


By Sherry Allchin

Imagine what it would be like to live in a positive culture of gratitude! We would hear the good news reports. People would say “Thank you” to one another and mean it! Lawyers and judges would believe the best, and offenders would be grateful for a second chance to get it right. People would choose to be positive, to accept responsibility for their own failures, to thank God for all that comes into their lives.

Families would be thankful for one another and express love and gratitude often. Marriages would flourish, children would feel loved and parents appreciated! A new level of peace and contentment would characterize our homes.

Our churches would be places of healing and encouragement as we accept and help one another. Thanksgiving would come every day of the year. We would have a deep gratitude for all God has provided and for the people He has brought into our lives.

What if we as believers rose above our culture to set a biblical norm of gratitude?

Christ lived in a negative culture, yet He lived with joy, gratitude and confidence and believed we could, too (John 17)! Paul wrote the book of Philippians from a Roman jail. He was about to be killed for his faith, yet he rejoiced in the Lord and admonished us to live with joy and gratitude (Phillippians 4: 4-9). We must choose to be thankful, to express gratitude to God and others. It’s a choice worth making!

©2009 Sherry Allchin. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Sherry Allcin has a Master’s Degree in Biblical Counseling from Trinity Seminary, Newburg IN, and has been counseling at Biblical Counseling Center in Arlington Heights since 1994. Sherry and her husband Ron have served in ministry together for 38 years, with more than 20 years experience in youth ministry and several years teaching in Christian schools. Since 1989 they have worked together at BCC, and enjoy traveling and teaching at seminars together around the globe. They attend Harvest Bible Chapel, Rolling Meadows IL. They have three married children who all serve the Lord alongside godly mates. Sherry enjoys reading and gardening, but especially loves spoiling her seven wonderful grandchildren. (See www.biblicalcounselingcenter.org)