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Thanks in Everything?


By Ronald A. Allchin

You must be kidding. How can I be expected to “give thanks in everything?” To add insult to injury, Paul also tells me that whatever happens in my life is the “will of God for me.” (I Thessalonians 1:18)

How can one be expected to give thanks in everything? The answer is that without the realization and belief that God is Sovereign, applying this verse would be impossible. God is in complete control—He has dominion, ownership, kingship, and rule over everything, even us.

Whatever happens in the lives of His children is to mature them (James 1:2-4). That is something for which we should give God thanks. God could change any situation if He chose to—He has the power to change everything. When He doesn’t change a circumstance its purpose is to grow us, to make us better not bitter. As we give thanks, He will use it for something positive in our lives.

When we look at situations that we do not understand, we must trust the Lord (Proverbs 3:3-10). The God who created us is doing something good in our lives because He knows what each of us needs to make us more like Him (Romans 8:28, 29). So, give thanks in all things, for even the most difficult circumstance is the will of God for this moment.

©2009 Ronald A. Allchin. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Ronald A. Allchin has been the Executive Director of BCC since its begining in 1989. He holds his D.Min from Westminster Seminary and is a Fellow and Board member of the National Asociation of Nouthetic Counselors. He is also on the board of Low Country Biblical Counseling Center and is an elder in his local church, Harvest Bible Chapel. He and his wife Sherry enjoy traveling to various missions locations and have had the opportunity to teach counseling in many foreign countries. They have three married adult children and seven grandchildren. (See www.biblicalcounselingcenter.org)