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Coffee Shop Concert—Lexi Elisha

On Stage

Follow, by Lexi Elisha
Tear Down These Walls, by Lexi Elisha


LexiLexi Elisha’s laughter and smile are contagious, but give this 16 year old a guitar and go with her as she sings to an audience of one … Jesus. A style of her own, mixing contemporary, pop, worship, Lexi KNOWS that it is a gift that has been given to her. As her music evolves, Lexi’s style continues to diversify. Lexi uses her voice to bring Jesus closer to herself, and reach out to those who feel empty and lost. At the age of 11 she boldly told her parents “I want to show my generation Jesus through music”. Immediately she started bringing kids to church to join her in worshiping Jesus. Teens that would have never experienced Jesus, would now have an opportunity through music. Her soon to be released EP “Tear Down These Walls”, describes a teen’s life in the midst of pain, and the pressures they face.

In Lexi’s own words, “I find beauty in everything. I’m madly in love with my Savior. And yes, I am the girl who will write about the things in life that are “put in the closet, or dared not to be spoken of. I believe God is using me to set our generation’s eyes back to Him, and I’m more than ready to Tear Down These Walls.”

Learn more about Lexi at www.indieheaven.com/artist_main.php?id=24981 and



Written by Lexi Elisha

Lay my life down at the feet of the king
I surrender to you all of me
I cry out I can’t do this by myself
But I can follow

You took me into, into the heavenly place
I watched the life I lived, as it flashed before my face
Death I deserved but his blood changed everything
I am following

I will follow you
Set this generation’s heart on fire
We will not be moved
We are running back to you

Saw your fingertips paint our big blue sky
When you looked at me I saw dancing in your eyes
O Lord we are rising up
We are chasing after you

We are following, we are following, we are following you

Tear Down These Walls
Lyrics and Music by Lexi Elisha

Look at us now was it worth it, was it worth this
Wish somehow we could take it all back
We could erase the pain inside
O it’s time, Lord hear us

Tear down these walls
Give it all give it all to you
I’m letting go open my heart, I’m starting over

Took my hand told me I’m worth it
Gave me a second chance
You helped me up, I held on tight
Wiped the tears from my eyes

Loved me so much I don’t know why
Gave me back my life
Threw the past away came in on time
Now I realize, Lord hear us

Tear down these walls
Give it all give it all to you
I’m letting go open my heart, I’m starting over


We’re gonna fight this fight
We’re gonna win tonight
Lord hear us say