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Coffee Shop Concert—Kiersten Venezia

On Stage

She Gets Grace, by Kiersten Venezia
Life On Purpose, by Kiersten Venezia
Back To Eden, by Kiersten Venezia


KFor many years, Kiersten Venezia has been watching and listening to the hearts of people. What she’s witnessed through others and that of her own life is that we’re all longing for a place to belong and feel loved. She came to know Jesus Christ as an adult and has seen this longing just as prevalent in the church as outside it’s protective walls. Through her music, she has a passion to speak into hearts the message that God is good and He longs to know us.

Kiersten was exposed to music from a very early age. Being the daughter of a drummer and a long line of musicians, music was everywhere. While she tried her hand at different instruments and genres over the years, it wasn’t until her 30’s when God started shaping a course for her to share her music with a larger audience.

She produced her first album, “Good Promises” in 2005. Within six months of the release, she was invited to share the stage with ZoeGirl as their opening act in St. Louis, her hometown. She has since written songs for SSM Health Care, been featured on local TV and radio shows, lead worship and performed for thousands of people around the nation.

But what really moves Kiersten is seeing God change lives through His redemptive love. Her album “Back to Eden”, released in the Spring of 2009, is about the power of God’s unrestrained beauty and goodness to release the death grip that sin and shame can have in our hearts. She writes songs that are infused with the message that Christ is our hope of glory and He will meet us in the midst of our tragedies to show His healing grace. Her songwriting is personal and honest, taking the listener on a journey through her stories of trials, faith, and surrender. She wants to come along side the hurting and point them to the One who can make it all right. With a heart for those in and out of the church, young and old, rich and poor, Kiersten’s music will continue to cross barriers and speak of God’s loving kindness to all.

Learn more at www.kierstenvenezia.com and www.indieheaven.com/artists/kierstenvenezia

Children’s Hope, a global charitable organization, partners with people like you, who bring Hope to thousands of orphans and children in need through surgeries, feeding programs, educational opportunities, disaster relief and monthly sponsorship. Kiersten has teamed up with Children’s Hope and through your church, we can help you bring life-saving surgeries to a Chinese child desperately in need through Orphan Music Ministry. I am an adoptive parent to a child who was a special needs orphan from China. We are seeking to bring “Music with a Mission” to churches throughout the Midwest – completely free of expense. Would you like to bring Orphan Music Ministry into your church or community group? Click here to find out more.

Also see Kierstan’s article, Adopting Serena.


She Gets Grace
©2007 Adonis Blue Music

Too many years,
too many memories
that haunt her as she passes the playground.
Choice after choice,
made out of fear.
Now she’s left with just regret for what she’s done.
She can’t go back
And fix her wrongs
So she prays that she could somehow be forgiven.

She gets Grace
An undeserved blessing from above
Favor from the maker of true love
She gets Grace
Another chance to live and love again
A little life to help her comprehend
She gets Grace

Far, far away,
Orphaned and afraid
There’s a little girl she’s waiting to bring home.
Grace will be her name,
What once was lost is found
Two lives forever changed;
A perfect picture of God’s love.

We’ve all been called as sons and daughters
Children of our Holy Father
Righteous by the sacrifice
Of our Savior Jesus Christ
We get grace….
Like she gets Grace.

Life On Purpose
©2006 Adonis Blue Music

When my living days are over
Will I read the writing on the wall?
Will I be weighed and found wanting,
Neglecting what you gave me
Misusing it instead?

Fear is lurking at my doorway
Trying hard to break it down.
Apathy slowly suffocating.
It stays with my permission,
But it’s welcome’s wearing thin.

I wanna live life on purpose,
No more wasted days.
I wanna live life on purpose,
And not squander it away.
I wanna live life on purpose,
Put Your glory on display.
‘Cause you have more, abundantly more, for this life.

I know my life’s not accidental
I was created for God’s plan.
In His providence He chose me
To go and tell His story
In every way I can.

I don’t wanna miss my calling
Or fade into the background noise.
This casual existence will not change the world.
I wanna live a life that matters
And break out of this comfort zone,
Starting right now.

Back To Eden
©2005 Adonis Blue Music

Clutching his note in her hands
She didn’t have the strength to understand
Twenty years and forty pounds ago
He looked in her eyes
And promised not to leave
But now he’s gone and she begins to cry

Bring me back to Eden
Bring me back where all was right
Bring me back where there’s no fear and no one needs to hide
Bring me back to Eden
Bring me back to paradise
Bring me back where sorrow, pain, and tears are out of sight
Bring me back to Eden

Pigtails and pink overalls
Her laugh still lingers in their halls
Friends say that time heals all wounds
But time’s standing still
Exposing all their pain
There’s nothing left that they can do but cry

All this hurt and pain around us
How can we ever make it through
Take me to the place where I find
Your beauty and grace
Where I once walked alone with you