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Life Stories Archives


Time In A Bottle, by Kathryn M. Graves
Jesus Answers Prayer, by Lois Denier


Healing From Abortion, by Mimi Marie
My Journey Through Postpartum Depression—Vol. 3, by Angela Nazworth

August 2008

The Lord Goes Out Before Me, by Addy Fields
Pain and Perfection, by Trudy Chun
A Rainbow for Me, by Rachel Weinberg

July 2008

I Will Find You, by Kristine Lowder

June 2008

A Story of Four Fathers, by Sue Winchester
A Father’s Love, by Filoiann Wiedenhoff

May 2008

The Mailbox, by Patty Duncan
I Will Not Mourn, by Sue A. Winchester

April 2008

Hope of Glory, by Dr. Luke Halek
Life Among the Ruins, by Mary Morin
The Living Truth, by Audra Krell
God Intervening, by Janet L. Jackson

March 2008

Almost Committed Suicide, by Kathy Collard Miller
Strength Through Weakness, by Bonnie Shoemaker
No Answers? by Kathryn M. Graves

February 2008

The Lord, Healer of My Hurts, by Cheryl Gerou
How Can I Step On a Crack Without Cracking Up? (Surviving Compulsive Obsessive Disorder), by Mary Lapé Nixon
Freeze Frame, by Kristine Lowder
The Bigger Picture, by Cindy Simpson
The Open Arms of a Loving God, by Constance Korn

January 2008

Faith Through Philip, by Pamela Van Atta.
Silent Storm, by Julie A. Devine
Heart Cleansing, by Cheri Dedman
God’s Pre-Provisions, Cheryl Riggs

December 2007

A Good Reason To Cry, by Addy Fields
My Struggle With Anorexia, by Laurie Glass
Blessed in the Shadows, by Valerie Ronald
The Mystery of the Pine Wreath, by Jodi Goodlin as told to Linda A. Goodlin

November 2007

In All Things Give Thanks, by Sue A. Winchester
Cancer And Me, by Rita Guthrie
Delayed Thanksgiving, by Muriel Larson
I Must Tell Jesus, by Kristine Lowder
Nobody Came, by Joanne Lowe

September 2007

Jason Mitchener’s Testimony, by Jason Mitchener
Think of Something Good, by Irma R. Lee

August 2007

Shared the Lord Lately? by Rita Guthrie
Floating Questions, by Kelly Wilson
Full Circle, by Gina St. Cyr

July 2007

Speak From Your Heart, by Joanne Lowe
The Prayer Plant, by Rita Guthrie
Stepping Out By Faith, by Dr. Muriel Larson

These archives date BEFORE June 30, 2007:

Ask Me No Questions and I’ll Tell You No Lies, by Rita Guthrie
Free at Last, by Brooke Bergan
Abuse–Looking Back, by Brenda Branson
When Your Darkest Hour Lasts Longer Than 60 Minutes, by Joan Hunter
Adultery–Finding Hope in Jesus, by Rachel Weinberg
Change of Address, by Dianne Stoda
What About Mom? by Ann Flory Soden
The Sun Still Shines, by Janet Seever
Jon’s Story, by Marianne Miles
Do All Things Really Work Together For Good?, by Cynthia Hsueh
Under the Bed, by Joanne Lowe
Nothing Can Separate Us From the Love of Christ, by Kari Z. Murphy
Depression–An Unexpected Blessing, by Sharon Fawcett
Pregnant, Depressed, and God’s Peace, by Tracy Finney
Reflection in the Mirror, by Jan Eckles
Flying Free, by Lyla Swafford
A Hummingbird’s Reminder, by Jason Mitchener
Nothing At All! by Patty Duncan
How Dieting Deceived Me, by Amy Grace
Prepared for Battle, by Katrina Byrd
From Wreck to Riches, by Bridget Gazlay
Friendship, a Blue Shawl and a Hug, by Janet Seever
Losing a Child, by Cheryline Lawson
Jehovah Rapha: My God Who Heals, by Edith Hooker
The Journey, by Vickie Richey
When There Is No Cure, by Mary Yerkes
Failing God and Myself, by Viola Palmer
Getting off the Roller Coaster, by Janet Seever
Dark Threads in the Tapestry of Life, by Janet Seever
Washing Feet, by Jani Selven
The Coin, by Marlene K. Yundt
The Gospel According to David, by Vernie Evangelista Espanola
A New Insight, by Linda A. Goodlin
I Am Not A Victim, by Kelly Massey
Come to Jesus Meeting aka The Locker Room Talk, by Jackie Doss
A Tender Grace, by Kristine Lowder
From Tragedy to Triumph, by Rev. Kimberly R. Dreiman
When Christ’s Blood Doesn’t Seem Enough, by Deborah Hedstrom-Page
It Was Worth The Wait, by Ann Stoden