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Miles to Go, by Marianne Miles—Receiving the Gift of Weakness
Best Christmas Articles to Warm Your Heart, collection by Ruth Wood
Pearls for the Holiday—Actions and Attitudes to Wear Every Day, by Judy Dippel
Two Sources of Self-Esteem: Secular and Christian, by Randy Alcorn
Boxes, Boxes, Boxes by Tammy Lou Hensel


Miles to Go—Waiting on God, by Marianne Miles
My Journey Through PPPD—Part Five, by Angela Nazworth
Scriptures For Facing An Uncertain Future, by Randy Alcorn
Why Desire Heaven When You’re Going Through Hell?, by Randy Alcorn
God’s Comfort In Sorrow, by Pastor Perry E. Rockwood
Be Thankful, by Sue A. Winchester


Measuring Motherhood With A Broken Ruler, by Angela Nazworth
Friendship: Real Women, Real Challenges, Real Solutions, by Debra Whiting Alexander and Judy Dippel
Dealing With Disappointment, by Filoiann Wiedenhoff


Dealing With Unforgiveness and Bitterness, by Filoiann Wiedenhoff


Miles to Go, by Marianne Miles—Interview With Ann Bateman
Go Ahead—Let Yourself Grieve, by Sharon Hughes
Faces of Loneliness, by Toni Star

July 2008

Let Freedom Ring, by Sue A. Winchester
When You Don’t Know How To Pray, Start With “A,” by Phyllis Nissila
Breaking The Bondage of Bulimia, by Mimi Marie
An Interview With Fern, by Marianne Miles, Miles to Go
Only Grace Will Free Us, by Victoria Gaines, The Healing Hearth

June 2008

Miles to Go, by Marianne Miles—Jenna’s Prayer
The Healing Hearth, by Victoria Gaines—Daddy’s Tears
No Longer Orphans, by Trudy Chun
Tearing My Robe and Shaving My Head, by Daphne Eilein Landers
Don’t Hold Onto Your Hurts, by Sharon Hughes
Postpartum Depression, Part 2, by Angela Nazworth
Making a Difference No Matter How Small, by April Boyer

May 2008

Miles to Go, by Marianne Miles—Miles to Go—Love That Protors

The founder of Comfort Cafe, Mary Yerkes, has written some terrific articles for Focus on the Family dealing with chronic pain. To view these, see here.
Contentment and Beauty in Singleness, by Nina Coppola
Life Lessons From Pain, by Tammy Hensel
Measuring Motherhood With a Broken Ruler—My Journey Through Postpartum Depression, by Angela Nazworth

April 2008

When a Mother’s Love Isn’t—Part 2, Miles to Go, by Marianne Miles
Until We Meet Again, by Sue A. Winchester
Dealing With Grief and Loss, by Filoiann Wiedenhoff

March 2008

Moving Mom and Dad, by Cheryl Riggs
Victory Over Loss, by Muriel Larson

February 2008

Miles to Go, by Marianne MilesWhen a Mother’s Love Isn’t
The Healing Hearth, by Victoria GainesThe Lie
The Verses of My Life, by Sue A. Winchester
Transparency With God, by Valerie Ronald

January 2008

Miles to Go, by Marianne Miles—New Every Morning
The Healing Hearth, by Victoria Gaines— Confronting the Lie That Fuels Our Misery
Saying Goodbye to an Old Year, by Sue Winchester
A Plan to Revitalize, by Sue Winchester

December 2007

The Healing Hearth, by Victoria Gaines—Biblical Care for the Soul
Miles to Go, by Marianne Miles—Gracious Gift From God
Fear and Eating Disorders, by Laurie Glass
Special Gifts—A Christmas Story, by Muriel Larson
Missing Christmas, by Sue Winchester

November 2007

Miles to Go, by Marianne Miles—Why Don’t I Have Friends?
The Healing Hearth, by Victoria Gaines—Breaking Free
Help! I’m Married and STILL Alone, by Min. Savaslas Lofton
Coping With Chronic Pain, by Sue A. Winchester
Treasures of a Grateful Heart, by Ruth Wood

October 2007

Joy Despite Life’s Challenges, by Ron Julian
Miles to Go, by Marianne Miles—Walking In The Dark

September 2007

Miles to Go, by Marianne Miles—When Christians Abandon Their Own
Humor, Hugs, and Hope, Invasion! by Lynda Schab
The Healing Hearth, by Victoria Gaines—Overcoming Darkness
Retirement Without Trauma, by Muriel Larson
Good News: God Forgives, by Randy Alcorn
Healing the Guilt and Shame Through Forgiveness, by Hiram Johnson

August 2007

Sole Song, by Kristine Lowder
Miles to Go, Soccer Mom, by Marianne Miles
Healing Hearth, Saying Goodbye to Inertia, by Victoria Gaines

July 2007

Miles to Go, by Marianne Miles—Lines of Communication
A Mountain Road and a Freeway Ramp, by Connie Schwartz
Please Pass the Humility, by Rita Guthrie

Humor, Hugs, and Hope, Vacation, by Cyndy Salzmann
Pt II, Escape to a Nasty Broom Closet, by Lynda Schab

These archives date BEFORE June 30, 2007:

Humor, Hugs, and Hope
By Cyndy Salzmann:
Laughter is Good Medicine
Fashion Emergency
Rest is Not a Four-Letter Word
Seven Minutes with God
Carpe Diem…and All That…
The Quest for Imperfection
Tis the Season
A Resolution Worth Keeping
Why I Spell My Name Funny
April Fool’s
To Each His Own Quest

Guest Writers:
Glamour Shots, by Jill Baughan
Part 1, Escape From Aisle 7, by Linda Schab

A Time to Forgive, by Connie Schwartz
A Wisp of Fog and a Star of Gold, by Geni White
Are You Believing A Lie? by Jenni Biegler
Can God Forgive Abortions? by Randy Alcorn
Daddy’s Tears, by Victoria Gaines
God Can Resurrect Your Marriage From the Ashes, by Sharon Jaynes
Depression: Cry of the Soul, by Victoria Gaines
Developing a Safety Plan, by Focus Ministries
Dominie’s Marriage Advice, by Victoria Gaines
Effective Ministry to the Chronically Ill, by Mary Yerkes
Emotional Healing, by Victoria Gaines
Emotional Healing, Part II, by Victoria Gaines
Emotional Healing, Part III, by Victoria Gaines
Emotional Healing, Year of Restoration, by Victoria Gaines
Friendship Deficit Syndrome, by Jenni Biegler
Friendship Deficit Syndrome 2, by Jenni Biegler
Friendship Deficit Syndrome 3, by Jenni Biegler
How Could a Good God Allow Evil and Suffering? by Randy Alcorn
Interview with Joan Hunter
Little Doggie Brains, by Kay Smith
Love is a Laid-down Life, by Victoria Gaines
Miles to Go, by Marianne Miles
One Woman’s Journey Through Depression, by Linda Lufkin
Out, Out, Black Spot, by Connie Schwartz
Pornography: It’s Not Just A Man’s Issue Anymore, by Evangelist Michele Royster
Pro-Choice or Anti-Choice? by Randy Alcorn
Reclaiming Joy At Christmas, by Denise Raterta
Rely On The Wounded Son, by Victoria Gaines
Six Ways to Let Those with Chronic Illness in Your Church Know You Care, by Lisa Copen
Stay Focused, by Candie A. Price
Surrender Through Prayer, by Ruth Wood
Ten Truths to Remember on Your Journey Through Grief, by Rev. Liz Danielsen
Teenage Depression–What You Need to Know, by Denise Raterta
The Discipline of Gratitude, by Denise Raterta
Trusting God When Life Becomes Too Real, by Denise Raterta
The Cruciality of Right Counsel, by Victoria Gaines
The Gift of Pain, by Mary Yerkes
The Gift, by Vickie Richey
The Lydia Project, Inc.
The Old Has Gone…The New Has Come, by Deb Kalmbach
Two Thoughts on Growing Older, by Kay Smith
Unraveling His Treasures, by Victoria Gaines

What I Have Learned, by Kay Smith
What Makes God Weep? by Nancy Guthrie
When God Runs Late…By My Watch, by Ruth Wood
When Therapy Interferes With Healing, by Victoria Gaines
When You Look Better Than You Feel, by Victoria Gaines
WOW! Women of the Word Magazine, by Candie A. Price