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Devotionals Archives


Are You Ready for the Holidays, by Mary Southerland
God’s Lights, by Phyllis Nissila
Reflections of Christmas, by Sue A. Winchester
The Gift, by Phyllis Nissila


The Angels Rejoiced, by Phyliss Nissila
Need a Change? Get Some Rest, by Bridget Gazlay
Centerpieces, by Filoiann Wiedenhoff


The “Gospital”, by Phyllis Nissila
Disguises, by Sue A. Winchester
Coincidence? I don’t think so! by Bridget Gazlay


Back to School, by Sue Winchester
Good Days Ahead, by Daphne Eilein Landers
Music Cafe, by Phyllis Nissila


Postcards, by Sue A. Winchester
Unexpected Blessings From Unexpected Places, by Bridget Gazlay
Attitude, by Phyllis Nissila
In the Father’s Arms, by Beverly Waller


God’s Will Never Fails, by Bridget Gazlay
From Bitterness to Blessing, by Filoiann Wiedenhoff
Timing, by Phyllis Nissila
Calm Down, by Sue A. Winchester


Espresso for the Heart, by Louise Bergmann DuMont—A Coffee-Tea Pot
The Trunk or the Blossoms—How Healthy is Your Tree?, by David Carnahan
Living Water, by Phyllis M. Nissila
Crazy Drivers, by Bridget Gazlay


Are You Sliding?, by Cheryl Gerou
Only a Visitor, by Kristine K. Lowder
Epistles, by Phyllis M. Nissila
Gifts for the Journey, by Katherine Wallenhaupt
Learn From Affliction, by Sue A. Winchester


Delight in Suffering?, by Tammy Hensel
Quite a Bunch, by Kristine K. Lowder
No Less Loved, by Phyllis M. Nissila
Silence in Pain, by Jan Cline
Raspberry Chocolates, by Lynn Mosher
The Garden, by Phyllis M. Nissila

March 2008

Why Worry?, by Sue A. Winchester
I Fell Into A Sinkhole, by Janet Perez Eckles
Cocoon of Circumstance, by Lynn Mosher
The Blessing of Seasons, by Martha Hammonds
Trust, by Phyllis M. Nissila
Grumbles and Gripes, by Louise Bergmann DuMont

February 2008

Beloved, by Phyllis M. Nissila
Listen For The Whisper, by Kathryn M. Graves
Seeing God Through The Fire, by Bridget Gazlay
Espresso for the Heart, by Louise Bergmann DuMontGrowing Up

January 2008

Renewing My Mind, by Gina Conroy
A Balm For Regret, by Phyllis M. Nissila
Espresso for the Heart, by Louise Bergmann DuMont—New Year’s Grace

December 2007

Espresso for the Heart, by Louise Bergmann DuMont—A Christmas Yet to Come
Trust Him Today, by Matt Koceich
I’m Dulcinea, by Gina Conroy
Me—Beautiful?!, by Bridget Gazlay

November 2007

My Reward, by Janice Lemke
Wanderings, by Michele Howe
The Ladder of Brokenness, by Connie Barris

October 2007

A Fuji-sized Faith by Amy L. Bovaird
My Dream Come True, by Stephanie Coulter
Forgiveness the Path to Healing, by Tori Vigil
Can God Help Me With My Housework? by Pamela Van Atta

October 2007

Espresso for the Heart, Cafe Chocolat´, by Louise Bergmann DuMont
A Jug of Oil in Famine, by Ruth Wood
His Refreshing Love, by Joanne Lowe
Prodigal Love, by Gina Conroy

September 2007

Espresso for the Heart, by Louise DuMont—Glass Houses
Is There A Great Storm Brewing?, by Connie Barris
Send Them To Jesus, by Joanne Lowe
Aloft, by Michele Howe

August 2007

Espresso for the Heart, Free Coffee, by Louise Bergmann DuMont
God is Great, God is Awesome, by Connie Barris
My Cooper, by April Boyer

July 2007

Espresso for the Heart, by Louise DuMont—Too Much of a Good Thing
And On The Seventh Day There Was Rest, by Connie Barris

These archives date BEFORE June 30, 2007:

A Cure for Hedgehog People, by Brooke Bergan
A Hummingbird’s Reminder, by Jason Mitchener
A Sweet Start, by Louise Bergmann DuMont
A Tender Grace, by Kristine K. Lowder
Ask Me No Questions, I’ll Tell You No Lies, by Rita Guthrie

And Your Land Shall Be Married, by Kathy Sanders

Be Still and Know That I am God, by Mary Yerkes
Beat the Blues & Bad News, by Victoria Gaines
Blind to the Obvious, by Violet Nesdoly
Broken, by Ruth Wood
Broken Lives Restored, by Mary Yerkes
Brushstrokes of Joy, by Victoria Gaines

Clear Vision, by Michele Howe
Choose Now Your Dwelling Place, by Victoria Gaines

Do you Really Believe?, by Lori Stark
Don’t Forget to Visit the Table!, by Lori Stark
Don’t Jump Off the Train, by Victoria Gaines

Eyes on You: Title Song, by Ruth Wood

Filters, by Louise Bergmann DuMont
Free to Love, by Lori Stark
From Wreck to Riches, by Bridget Gazlay

Go For The Prize, by Ruth Wood
God Sightings, by Nancy Carroll
Grabbing On To Hope, by Shelley Houston

Hang On To That Rope, by Bridget Gazlay
Have Mercy, by Ruth Wood
He Loves Me, Despite It All, by Jason Mitchener
Healer of the Wounded Heart, by Victoria Gaines
Healing in His Wings, by April Boyer
Heaven’s Mirror, by Ruth Wood
He’s Everything, by Matt Koceich
Hiding In Plain Sight, by Zena Caulley
Hope in Suffering, by Lois A. Denier
How Full is Your Glass? by April Boyer

In Divine Company, by Deborah Hedstrom-Page
In the Waiting Room, by Violet Nesdoly

Just Ask, by Jennifer Von Bergen
Just When You Think You’re Gonna Snap…, by Shae Cooke

Kaffee Zeit, by Louise Bergmann DuMont
Keeper of Souls, by Ruth Wood

Lord, Can You Give Me a Boost? by Shae Cooke
Loving the Lonely, by Lois A. Denier

March Snows, by Louise Bergmann DuMont
Mighty God, by Ruth Wood
Moving a Mountain—One Mole Hill at a Time, by Louise Bergmann DuMont
My Cold, My Pain, My Menopause, by April Boyer
My Flabby Flesh, by Gina Conroy
My One True Shelter, by Victoria Gaines

Nesting Instinct, by Michele Howe

Of Giants, Grasshoppers and the Promised Land, by C. A. Phillips Clark
On the Trail, by Michele Howe

Palm of His Hand, by Ruth Wood
Parable of Autumn Leaves, by Teresa Cunningham
Peace Is A Person, by Ann Voskamp
Playing With Puzzles, by Bridget Gazlay
Prescription for Pain, by Victoria Gaines

Sanctuary, by Michele Howe
Searching, by Louise Bergmann DuMont (Espresso for the Heart)
Set Free—From Ruins to Restoration, by Mary Yerkes
Simple is Good, by Louise Bergmann DuMont (Espresso for the Heart)
Spring Planting, by Louise Bergmann DuMont (Espresso for the Heart)
Stars in the Night, by Ruth Wood
Surrender the Tough, by Victoria Gaines

Tall Tales, by Louise Bergmann DuMont
Teach Me, by Kristine K. Lowder
Thank You, by Louise Bergmann DuMont
The Christmas Debate, by Louise Bergmann DuMont
The Gift, by Vickie Richey
The Journey, by Vickie Richey
The Omnipresence of God, by Donna J. Shepherd
The Peace of God, by Donna J. Shepherd
The Prayer Plant, by Rita Guthrie
The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever, by Nancy Carroll
This Blood, by Ruth Wood
This Present Suffering, by Victoria Gaines
Tipped Off, by LaShawn Taylor
To Resolve or Not Resolve—That is the Question, by Louise Bergmann DuMont
Tragedy or Miracle? by Lori Stark
Treasures in the Darkness, by Vickie Richey
Trust in the Lord, by Laura Young
Turning Into Jesus, by April Boyer

Unmarried, by Cristy George

When Religion Makes You Sick, by Victoria Gaines
When Good Isn’t Good Enough, by Jason Mitchener
Why Does God Allow Suffering? by Jason Mitchener
Working in the Body, by Carrie Daws
Worship the King, by Ruth Wood
Wounded Heart, by Ruth Wood

Your Nose Looks Like a Doorknob, by Rita Guthrie