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Coffee Shop Concert—Abe and Liza Philip

On Stage

There Is A Place, by Abe & Liza Philip
My Savior’s Love Is Greater Still, by Abe & Liza Philip
O Teach My Heart To Love Your Word, by Abe & Liza Philip


bothAbe and Liza Philip’s mission is to write songs and hymns with depth and passion. This couple is a husband and wife songwriting team who write modern hymns and songs that feed both the heart and the mind. Written for the church and for personal worship, their musically diverse songs are saturated with Scripture, centered on the cross of Christ and focused on the beauty and glory of God. Dive deep into the riches of the faith with music that comforts, challenges, and moves your heart with wonder.

Sharing about their lives in their own words:

We left behind a more comfortable life years ago when we decided to give our lives to writing songs and hymns from Scripture that celebrate the Gospel and teach the faith for the global church and for personal worship.

We began songwriting from the moment we met back in 1998. More than ten years later, we now have three wonderful kids, Zach, Zoe and Faith, and live in the Chicagoland area. Though we were both musical from childhood, what’s truly miraculous is that we didn’t meet in a musical context. We both had health care backgrounds and never knew that God had always intended for us to write songs together. And “together” is the operative word! Almost every song or hymn seems to require the other person if it’s ever going to be finished. And for us, having both a male and female perspective in a song or hymn almost always results in something far richer and more balanced than it would have been otherwise.

In an age of self-worship and fluff, there is a desperate need for songs and hymns that are God-centered, truth-driven and emotionally compelling. We don’t always reach that lofty goal, but we know where to look. It’s not gazing within to our imperfect, wandering hearts but rather looking outward to the flawless, eternal Word. In everything we write, we take Jesus at His word when He said “the truth will set you free.”

Almost every song you hear from us is either directly from a single passage of the Bible or weaves together deeply interconnected Scriptural references. We hope you’ll find this music to be a helpful way to memorize, meditate deeply and be profoundly changed by the riches of God’s very words.

Learn more at philipmusic.com, and www.indieheaven.com/artist_main.php?id=13522


There Is A Place
©2006 Abe & Liza Philip

There is a place no eye has seen
Where our home has always been
Earthly trials cannot compare
With the weight of glory there

There is a song no ear has heard
Soars like thunder to the Word
Angels sing, Alleluia
Saints and kings bow down in awe

There is a love no mind has known
Nailed to a cross to save His own
Hail through all the universe
Christ has broken Eden’s curse

There is a day now drawing near
On glorious clouds, He shall appear
Joy of every longing heart
We will see the face of God

My Savior’s Love Is Greater Still
©2009 Abe & Liza Philip

My righteousness is not my own
In Christ I stand before the throne
And if my heart with guilt is filled
My Savior’s love is greater still

Though I deserve the wrath of God
He washed me in the Savior’s blood
How great my sins that He was killed
My Savior’s love is greater still

Riches and honor I disdain
For all this passing world is vain
If earthly dreams were all fulfilled
My Savior’s love is greater still

Through many trials I must go
Until He brings me safely home
The cup of sorrows may be filled
My Savior’s love is greater still

And when I walk on streets of gold
What wonders will my eyes behold
Through endless glory, come what will
My Savior’s love is greater still

O Teach My Heart To Love Your Word
©2009 Abe & Liza Philip

O teach my heart to love Your Word
Too long have I forgotten, Lord
O breathe in me that I might live
By every word of life You give

O teach my heart to fear Your Word
Your holy fire and lifted sword
That comes to pierce through flesh and bone
And melt away this heart of stone

O teach my heart to know Your Word
And treasure all that I have heard
O raise this everlasting seed
To bear the fruit of Christ in me

O teach my heart to trust Your Word
When troubles rise and fears are stirred
To walk by faith through gain or loss
And glory only in the Cross

O teach my heart to love Your Word
Made flesh and blood in Christ our Lord
On every page His praise is heard
O teach my heart to love Your Word
O teach my heart to love Your Word