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Coffee Shop Concert—J’on Harris & Voices

On Stage

Prayer Changes Things, by J. Harris, performed by J’on Harris & Voices
No Turning Back, by B. Smith, J. Johnson, performed by J’on Harris & Voices

The Choir—J’on Harris & Voices

“Voices” is an extension of various high schools in the greater Sacramento community. This is a multi-cultural gospel choir under the direction and leadership of J’on Harris, Sr. This group represents a vast cultural diversity spanning four continents, eight languages, and seventeen countries world-wide. Voices incorporates youths and young adults throughout the Sacramento community who have been converted. This group of high energy gospel enthusiast combine swelling harmonies and animated choreography to offer a presentation of spiritual worship that has penetrated the hearts of audiences throughout this country.

This group has recorded gospel singles and two full-length CDs. Their most recent release “Another Level”, this time produced under the label of Franklin Record Productions, is an album inspired to break down the denominational barriers. This project is expected to receive consistent rotation on the local FM 103.5 KBMB “Gospel Express” as their previous release “CHANGE” continues to receive requests every week.

In the summer of 2003 this group embarked on their first “Takin’ Back Photo Shoot 3-12-09 (33)Our Streets Tour” which was a 21 day journey across America. From Sacramento they traveled in vans to Reno, NV; Salt Lake City, UT; Akron OH; New York, NY; Durham, NC; and Bridgeport, CT among many other places. The students were able to meet and fellowship with some of the gospel industries greatest including: Pastor John P. Kee, Norman Hutchins, Pastor Shirley Caesar and Hezekiah Walker. This faith-based tour encouraged them to continue their cross country ministry and since then they have taken a step of faith every summer just to be a part of these annual tours. This has led to hundreds of appearances in venues nationwide. This group plans to share their gift for many years to come both here and abroad and will stop at nothing to fulfill the vision they have set their hearts on.

Learn more at: www.franklinrecordproductions.com, The Journey of Love, www.thepoptour.com


Prayer Changes Things

I know that prayer, changes things
I know that prayer, changes things
I know that prayer, changes things
I know that prayer, changes things

(Verse One)
Weeping endures for a night, but joy’s gonna come in the morning time
Prayer changes things


(Verse Two)
Dry your weeping eyes, don’t cry nomore my child
Prayer changes things


Changes things, changes things…

No Turning Back

(Verse One)
My heart has been broken, and I’ve suffered so much pain
See, I’ve seen days of sorrow and I’ve seen days of rain
But I made up in my mind, that I would stand until the end
I’m gonna stay right, if I gotta lose my closest friend


(Verse Two)
Today I decided to put my trust in you
Even though the times are hard, and my friends are few
See I’ve been down this road before, and I messed up the first time
I’m not gonna make the same mistake, I’m gonna get it right

I made a promise, I won’t give up
I’m going all the way, all the way with you
Jesus with you
I’ll make it all the way, all the way ooh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
I made a promise, no turning back
No turning back

Tenors: No turning back, I promised the Lord, that I won’t
Altos: No turning back, I told him I won’t
Sopranos: I told the Lord, I won’t and I won’t

Franklin Record Productions

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