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The Well-Worn Bible


Amy Bayliss

A while back I had a talk with a friend. She had discovered her late grandmothers Bible just a few days before and was excited and overwhelmed as she spoke of the treasures she found inside. She said that in times of trouble her grandmother had always told her that a Bible that is falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t.

As she read through the thin, tattered, torn, folded, highlighted, and well noted pages, she discovered the heart of a woman who was constantly seeking her Father. She also began to understand how her grandmother had not only survived but thrived through the trials in her life. As she described them to me I couldn’t help but become engaged in the legacy she left.

The question marks and exclamation points through the gospels revealed the young Christian’s thoughts after giving her life to her savior at 19 years of age. The tear stained pages and repeated highlighting of Jeremiah 29:11 spoke volumes about her healing through the loss of a young child and coping as her husband was overseas fighting in the war. The pages that were most thin and crumpled (John, Ephesians, and 1 Corinthians) revealed her favorite passages and places of intense study. The notes in the margins of Genesis, Exodus, and Revelation revealed her desire to learn all about her Lord. Her faith was well recorded on every page.

Then there where the prayer verses she assigned to different family members at different times in their life. Some prayed so often and so intently that it was obvious to all that her tears had mixed with the ink on the pages and actually formed a hand print as she lay her hand on them. Letters from Vietnam and photos of her loved ones littered the book as though it was her most treasured lock box. Indeed it was. She shared her life, her most precious things, with Him.

All of these things started me thinking. What would my Bible say about me? Will my love and passion for my Savior be as obvious? Will my love for my family be as proclaimed? Will the complete expression of my heart be reflected in the pages of my well worn Bible?

What about yours?

In Him,


Printed with permission from Internet Café Devotions


Amy is a true Cajun princess who is on a mission to minister to women via the World Wide Web. Her preferred method of ministering is through writing but she can often be found with a microphone strapped to her head and caught in her hair while speaking to lost and hurting women. She has a heart for encouraging and equipping them and she is a firm believer that a woman’s first ministry should be to her family.
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