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A Mother’s Spiritual Journey In The Aftermath


Shared anonymously

Spiritual Lessons From Issue
Several years ago my daughter came to me to unburden a secret she’d been carrying for a long time. She’d been sexually assaulted as a little girl. The interview in Tell Me Your Story describes that event. What I wish to do here is simply share how I grew spiritually through one of the darkest times of my life.

We suffered an evil act meant for evil. Harm was done to us and harm was intended; great injury was perpetrated upon us. There is no dancing around that point.

“BUT GOD” – two of my favorite words in all of Scripture. Evil man makes his plans, carries out his evil purposes and walks with haughty, arrogant and vain intent toward destruction. “BUT GOD” intervenes. He halts, rescues, restores, redeems, and above all, uses something intended for evil purpose against us and uses it instead to bless and beautify us.

Beauty from ashes.

My walk with the Lord deepened and developed so richly as a result of this time of suffering that I have more confidence now in His work and in His sovereignty even in dark times. He proved Himself to me, He was faithful, and I always felt undergirded and supported by Him, never abandoned to the flames of pain.

I experienced huge growth in my personal trust in God and in His orchestration of the events that touch my life. If He can help me even here, then He is a God able to help me anywhere. He used this awful event to deepen my understanding that the bad things that happen in this life are not for my destruction, or despair, but for my ultimate good, and to pull me deeper into Christ.

And His word was such a solace. It gave moment-by-moment, day-by-day, light and comfort and hope and help. His word properly channeled not only my thinking and perspective, but also my behavior and actions. His word truly is a light to the blind. It truly saves and cleanses and sanctifies.

Light from darkness.

God builds our faith, develops our character, and then I believe He tests us, proves us, and strengthens us in the fiery furnace of trials. The pressure of hard trials and tests calls upon deeper reserves of humility, meekness, patience, forbearance, forgiveness, kindness and love. We see where we fall short in our Christ-like development, He highlights that to us in the testing, and we call upon Him with our very desperate need to be more in Him. Life provides various stress tests that reveal our weaknesses that need shoring up. And this is His work in us – for our good and for our spiritual growth.

He takes that same ‘sword’ intended to kill and maim and pierce our very souls – and He uses it to sharpen us, and to carve us more clearly into the semblance of His Son, and to whittle away at the ugly dross that clings to us.

I do not have the ability or power to bring good out of evil, or to direct situations in an all-wise manner such as my Lord does. Trusting in Him, quietly waiting on Him, and being still before Him is my strength. He is the Author of this path, of this ‘way’ in which I am walking, so I learned to trust in His purposeful goodness. Even here.

Good purpose from evil intent.

My spiritual boat is steadier in the tumbling river of life. My faith is heartier. This dark season stretched my faith, calling upon it to meet the horrible circumstances, and to stand in strength, not buckling and folding and crawling into a deep dark hole. He strengthened my spiritual backbone and helped me to stand strong in Him. In Christ, we are not controlled by circumstances whatever their shape and size, but we are buttressed and undergirded to stand strong though the winds may blow and the billows roll.

Beauty from ashes. Light from darkness. Good purpose from evil intent.

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