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Study Guide #8—God Ever Present


By Kay Smith and Ruth Wood

God is omnipresent which means that He is present everywhere. In this study we’ll look at how the Bible answers two questions: (1) Where is God? (2) What does that have to do with me?

l. Read Psalm 139:7-12. Summarize these verses. What do they say besides “God is there?”

2. Read Jeremiah 23:23-24. Now read 23:13-25 for an idea of the situation God was addressing. God says He fills the heavens and the earth. What implications should this truth have on the people?

3. Read Acts 17:22-28. How do we as people relate to God’s presence?

4. What is Paul’s point in verse 27 when he says “God is not far from each one of us”?

5. How can understanding that “God is everywhere” be a comfort? How can it keep you on your toes?

6. How is a Christian saying, “God is everywhere,” different from a pantheist saying, “God is in you and in me and in the cat and in the tree. We are all part of God”?

7. Read I Kings 8:10-11, 22, 27-30. We hear that in Old Testament times, “God dwelt in the temple.” Was God in the temple more than He was somewhere else? What was going on?

8. If God is everywhere, why is it a big deal for a Christian to be able to say, “Christ dwells in me?” (See John 14:16-20; I Cor. 6:18-20; II Cor 6:14-18; Rom. 8:9-17).

9. In light of your discoveries about God, write out a prayer response.

©2012 Kay Smith and Ruth Wood. All rights reserved. Used by permission. Published by www.Comfort-Cafe.net. Contact info: ruthywood@gmail.com

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