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Study Guide #9—God is Holy


By Kay Smith and Ruth Wood

“But the Lord of Hosts will be exalted in judgment; and the holy God will show Himself holy in righteousness” (Isaiah 5:16). Trying to talk about God’s righteousness, holiness, and judgment separately is like trying to consider the sun’s light apart from its heat—they’re too intricately connected. But, undaunted, we shall try anyway, beginning with God’s holiness.

l. Read Exodus 3:5; 22:31; 29:29-34 and Leviticus 21:1-8. What makes a thing or person “holy”?
2. What then does it mean that God is “holy”?
3. To get more of an idea of God’s holiness, read Leviticus 19 and 20. God begins and ends with “You shall be holy for I the Lord am holy.” The laws He gives here apparently tell how the people can be holy. What sorts of things do these laws show that Holy God is interested in?
4. What kinds of responses are appropriate to seeing God’s holiness in the following scriptures?

Isaiah 6:1-5

I Peter 1:13-19

Revelations 15:2-4
5. What does it mean for a person to be holy? Look up Webster’s definition of holy and holiness.
6. In light of this definition, what does that tell us about God’s holiness?
7. What does a holy God think of activities that don’t conform to His holy character?

8. According to I Peter 1:15-16, we are to be holy as God is holy. How might this be the same or different from what you learned in Leviticus 19 and 20? How does our salvation in Christ relate to these verses? (Also see I Peter 1:3-5.)

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