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Study Guide #4—God Never Changes


By Kay Smith and Ruth Wood

In what ways do we assume changeability in people? People learn new things, change moods, change their mind about ideas, mature, become wiser, become more self-controlled, get old, become less strong, forget things, get tired, or are too busy to follow through on a promise or threat. People are fickle and certainly not always dependable.

God stands in stark contrast to us. Look up the following scriptures. For each one, ask (1) what about God is constant or reliable, and (2) what difference does this make to us?

1. Numbers 23:19

2. Psalm 33:9-11

3. Psalm 119:152

4. Psalm 121:3-4

5. Psalm 121:8

6. Isaiah 40:26

7. Isaiah 40:27-28

8. Lamentations 3:22

9. Ephesians 1:4-5

10. James 1:13

11. James 1:17

12. II Peter 3:9

13. What implications does God’s unchanging nature have for us?

14. If God is always the same, does that mean He always acts the same toward every person all the time? (For example, if we take our kids to the water slide park once, are we no longer loving if we don’t do it whenever the kids ask? Do you treat your seventeen-year-old and your seven-year-old the same? Why not?)

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