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Study Guide #1b—God, Creator and Sustainer


By Kay Smith and Ruth Wood

Pretend you know absolutely nothing about God, but you suspect that this universe must have come from Someone. What clues might have led you to this conclusion?

Go take a walk or look out the window or use your memory (or do all three), and write down some of your observations about nature. If this was your only input about the Creator, what kind of Someone would you guess He might be?

1. On a separate sheet of paper, list your observations from the above exercise. For each observation, write what you might deduce about God.


This suggests the Creator might be like this:

2. Read Genesis 1. List what it says God created:

3. What does Genesis 1 tell us about God that we wouldn’t know just by looking at the creation as it is now?

4. How do you think your friends, relatives, and the world around you view God’s role in creation today? Do they think He’s involved? How much?

5. Read Psalm 147:7-20 and Psalm 104:10-23, 27-35. In what ways do these psalms say God is involved in His universe?

6. How do the psalm writers respond to God’s involvement in the world?

7. Does it make any difference to you to know that God is controlling nature? Why or why not?

8. Read Joshua 10:1-15. How is God’s activity then somewhat different than what Psalm 147 and 104 were talking about? What more does that show us about God?

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