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Going Deeper—God is Truthful (with Study Guide #3b)


Dear Readers,

“What is truth?” Pilate asked Jesus at one point during his trial. This question is especially apropos in our post-modern age of relativism, where constant exposure to the world’s smorgasbord of religions leads society to conclude that we must each individually construct our own truth.

Jesus said that He is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life” and that “no one can come to the Father” except through Him. His absolute and authoritative claim clashes with our culture’s constructivist approach. People complain that Jesus’ truth leads to elitism, an excluding of others. What do you believe about Jesus and truth?

God is Truthful


By Ruth Wood and Kay Smith

It may seem obvious that God is truthful, but truth telling is not as simple as it sounds. Consider the reasons why people might say untrue things:

  • Intentionally wanting to deceive out of ulterior motives.
  • Sloppy speaking.
  • Being afraid of consequences.
  • Circumstances change unexpectedly.
  • Change of mind because the first idea wasn’t so good.
  • Poor memory.

When God Speaks

If we say that God is truthful, it means He is none of those things:

  • He’s not sloppy—what He says is important.
  • He’s not dishonest.
  • He’s not afraid of consequences because He’s all-powerful, and no one can hurt Him or mess up what He wants.
  • Circumstances don’t take Him by surprise because He knows the future.
  • He doesn’t need to change His mind because He’s always wise and has no bad ideas.
  • He doesn’t forget what He said.

The Nature of God’s Promises

The Bible is full of God saying something will happen and it does. God’s threats or promises may be:

  • Conditional (if the Israelites obey the Mosaic law, God promises that they will prosper in the land)
  • Specific (God said that under Cyrus a remnant would return to Israel)
  • General (the wages of sin is death)

In our information-glutted age, we often don’t know if the source is telling the truth, but the more we come to know God, the more our confidence grows that He’s utterly reliable. We learn that God is truthful because He is Truth. In a Facebook/Twitter world, that’s comforting.

©2013 Ruth Wood and Kay Smith. All rights reserved. Used by permission. Published by www.Comfort-Cafe.net. Contact info: ruthywood@gmail.com

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