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Study Guide #4b—God and Easter


By Kay Smith and Ruth Wood

In thinking about the familiar Easter story, focus not so much on how various people acted or even so much on the one-time acts of God. Rather, let’s look at what God did and see what that shows about the eternal, unchanging character of God.

In a sense, this is a review session. Instead of “dividing up” God’s attributes, we’ll see how one event shows many facets of God at the same time.

1. Read Isaiah 53. Who is being talked about?

Isaiah was written hundreds of years before Christ. Look at some of the details that are included about Christ’s death. What does that alone indicate about God?

What is the purpose of the Servant’s death?

What does the Servant’s death tell us about God?

2. Read either Matthew 26-28 or Mark 14-16 or Luke 22-24 or John 13 and 18-20.

What powers, character traits, or other attributes do you see the Son exhibiting?

As you look at the overall event, what are the plans and behavior of various participants: disciples, Peter, Satan, Judas, priests, crowds, the Marys. How do these contrast with God’s actions, plans, and character?

In what ways do you see God’s sovereignty at work in the Easter events?

3. In what ways do you see God’s love evidenced?

4. What other attributes of God do you see?

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