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Study Guide #12b—The God of Christmas


By Kay Smith and Ruth Wood

So often when we’re extremely familiar with something, we can take it for granted or no longer see what’s there. Begin your study by asking God to reveal something new to you about the Christmas story.

1. Read through the Christmas story in Matthew 1 and 2; Luke 1:26-56; 2:1-21 (also refer to any historical background information you have available). As you read, write down what God is doing throughout the story and what those activities show us about God. You are not confined to the characteristics we have studied so far. You may wish to draw up a chart with the following column headers to categorize your observations:

God’s Activity
God’s Characteristics

2. Choose one or two characteristics of God from your list (e.g., His sovereignty, His love, His wisdom, etc.). List in detail all the ways that characteristic was shown in the events of the first Christmas.

3. Write out a prayer response to your new discoveries about God.

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