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The Robe of Righteousness

White Robe of Righteous. . . he has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of his righteousness . . . (Isaiah 61:10)

Have you ever thought very much about the “robe of righteous” or the “garment of salvation”? I never did until recently. What beautiful truths came to light as I meditated on this metaphor.


We know that the Robe of Righteousness is mandatory for all who hope to attend the wedding of the Lamb. Without proper attire, entry will remain barred. Yet this robe is so costly, that no one could afford it. No amount of wealth can buy it. The noblest character is not worthy of it. The greatest sacrificial deed cannot earn it. How astounding, then, that it is free.


Imagine approaching Jesus in the throne room. He welcomes you with a kind smile as he holds open this lovely white cloak. You slip it on, then check the mirror. For the first time ever you see yourself without all the ugly, shameful, exposed parts. This is a new you! With joy and confidence you twirl around. Your new clothes cover every imperfection. Not one flaw is visible. You can hardly believe it. The Taunter will not be able to say anything about my shabbiness and inadequacy now, you think.

And the cloak is so very beautiful. Ornate, well crafted, and made with the most enduring fabric, everything about it indicates royalty. I am the King’s daughter! You throw back your head to inhale the pure scent, the fragrance of your Beloved. Notes of justice, truth, and grace perfume the air. You sigh, content. All you want to do is snuggle more into the fabric’s soft, luxurious warmth. Yes, for this is the place where you are accepted, the place where you belong, and the place where you are so deeply loved. Hidden among the folds of His perfect righteousness.

Lord, I am overcome with wonder. Thank you for such a beautiful, costly gift. I will forever praise you for clothing me in Your purity.