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Helping Women Worldwide

On this page we hope to list ministries that specifically reach women all over the world. If you have a heart for the plight of exploited women, these will be ministries worth donating to.

Gotta Go Corporation — an extremely effective ministry addressing human slavery.

Make Way Partners

Make Way Partners is a Christian mission agency committed to prevent and combat human trafficking and all forms of modern–day slavery by educating and mobilizing the body of Christ.

Shared Hope International

In the fall of 1998, while still a member of the U.S. Congress, Linda Smith was traveling on Falkland Road in Bombay, India, the location of one of the worst brothels in the world. The hopeless faces of desperate women and children forced into prostitution compelled Linda to found Shared Hope International (SHI), a non-profit organization with the mission of rescuing and restoring victims of sex trafficking.

The Freedom Project
The Freedom Project is part of a non-profit organization that fights for human freedom. We are committed to raising awareness about trafficking, whether that’s speaking to an elementary school about slavery, motivating students in universities, or sponsoring a city-wide anti-trafficking rally. The Freedom Project operates both domestically, within the United States, and internationally.