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Welcome to Comfort Cafe’s Table of Contents and Archives. We want to make it easy to find material that interests you.


The Tongue and Wildfires
Defending Sin
From Struggle to Surrender
He Took the Fall
Sending Down Roots of Dependence
Easily Pleased


Stressing About Politics
Keep Watch
It’s Not Fair!
Temptation or Test?
Praying for Your Adult Children
Aging Gracefully
If God Fears Not, Why Should I?
King David’s Parenting—Triumph Despite Tragic Failure
The Road to Emmaus
God and a Father’s Heart
New Year’s Resolution: Jesus First


January—Vegas, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and Clocks

February—A Spiritually Empowered Life

March—Using Power Responsibly

April—A Closer Look at Mary Magdalene

May—Know Thyself

June—Understanding People

July—Becoming Wise

August—Wise Leadership

September—A Quiet Heart

October—No new post

November—A New Direction

December—Light of the World


January—Women’s Hall of Faith

February—Loving My Neighbor

March—Being Known By God

April—Suffering and God

May—Acting Like Heaven’s Citizens

June—In Light of Eternity

July—Our Legacy

August—Choose Where You Will Live, Part I

September—Choose Where You Will Live, Part II

October—A Trustworthy Life

November—A Self-Controlled Life

December—A Mini Christmas Study

Table of Contents for 2012 Going Deeper Study

The 2013 schedule of topics for Going Deeper is listed below.

January—God, Creator and Sustainer
Study Guide #1b
February—Creator of Me
Study Guide #2b
March—God is Truthful
Study Guide #3b
April—God and Easter
Study Guide #4b
May—Merciful God
Study Guide #5b
June—Gracious God
Study Guide #6b
July—Covenant God
Study Guide #7b
August—God is Faithful
Study Guide #8b
September—God is Love
Study Guide #9b
October—A Jealous God
Study Guide #10b
November—The Spirit of God
Study Guide #11b
December—The God of Christmas
Study Guide #12b

To purchase the previous Going Deeper e-study (2012) for $5.00, contact Ruth Wood at ruthywood@gmail.com.

Going Deeper 2012 study titles: A New Adventure, King of Kings, God is Eternal, God Never Changes, Almighty in Power, God All-Knowing, God All-Wise, God Ever Present, God is Holy, Most Righteous God, God the Judge, God Incarnate.


December 2011

Christmas Comes to Narnia—Fairy Tale or Reality?

November 2011

Tell Me Your Story—A Way Through the Fear

October 2011

Tell Me Your Story—God is Enough, Part III

September 2011

Dear Readers, Sometimes less is more. From this point on I will publish only the front page and the blog as you’ve expressed that this is your favorite content! Everything will continue to be archived.

A Piano and the Man of My Dreams
Tell Me Your Story—God is Enough, Part II

August 2011—How do I Talk to God?

Tell Me Your Story—God is Enough
Unanswered Prayer, Unheard Answers, from AllAboutGod.com
What to Pray for Beyond Physical Healing, by Barry Arnold and Randy Alcorn
The Lord’s Prayer, from AllAboutGod.com
Hearing God’s Voice—Communication 101 from AllAboutGod.com
Meeting a Family with an Autistic Child, by Marlon Fletchall, M.D.

July 2011—Gambling and God

Tell Me Your Story—A Modern Day Job
Christians and Poker, from GotQuestions
Gambling: Odds Are, You Lose, by Barry Arnold
Is Gambling a Sin? from GotQuestions
More Related Resources
Comfort Cafe’s Resources on Gambling

June 2011—Seeing God When Life Hurts

Tell Me Your Story—Widowed with a Disabled Child
Transcending Suffering by Contemplating God
In Pain? Consider the Attribute of God’s Wisdom: The Wisdom of God and Supreme Knowledge, by Francis Hirak
Life Hurts, God Heals: Recycling Pain, by Rev. Perry J. Fruhling
More Related Resources
Job, A Grief Observed, by Ruth Wood

May 2011—Take Up Your Sword and Fight

Tell Me Your Story—An Unplanned Pregnancy and God’s Grace
Strategies of the Enemy (Distractions) – Part One, by Rod Nichols
Strategies of the Enemy (Offenses) — Part Two, by Rod Nichols
Strategies of the Enemy (Intimidation and Fear) — Part Three, by Rod Nichols
Miles to Go—The Hope of Sunday, by Marianne Miles

April 2011—Lord, Calm My Anxious Thoughts

Tell Me Your Story—Parenting a Special Needs Child
Soul Sludge, by Brian Jones
Calm My Anxious Heart, by Carrie Odell Anderson
Financial Challenges: Worry and Giving, by Randy Alcorn
Miles to Go—Fair-to-Middlin’ Parenting, by Marianne Miles

More Related Resources
See Comfort Cafe’s resources on Anxiety.

March 2011—Straight Talk About Sex

Tell Me Your Story—Surviving World War II in Nazi Germany
Straight Talk About Sex, by Robert Marsh
Keeping Pure in an X-Rated World, by Ray Pritchard
The Truth About Same Sex Marriage, by Ray Pritchard

More Related Resources
Help for the Hurting, Homosexuality: www.comfort-cafe.net/?p=119
Help for the Hurting, Marriage: www.comfort-cafe.net/?p=114
Help for the Hurting, Sexual Addiction: www.comfort-cafe.net/?p=114

February 2011—Straight Talk About Depression and Grief

Tell Me Your Story—Teach Us To Number Our Days
Why is Life so Hard? by Ray Pritchard
Straight Talk About Depression, by Robert Marsh
I Know That Face! by Robert Marsh

More Related Resources
Comfort Cafe’s Resources for websites and books on the topic of depression.

January 2011—God’s Forgiveness

Tell Me Your Story—Three Abortions and God’s Grace
Coffee Shop Concert—Evie Haskell
Broken Into Beautiful, by Gwen Smith
God Restored My Marriage, by Mimi Marie
How Could I Forgive the Murderer of My Best Friend? by Cheryl Richards
Shattered Dreams, Part 2, by Sharon Jaynes

More Related Resources
Abortion Resources from Comfort Cafe.

December 2010—Busting Stress

The Secret Longings of Christmas, by Ruth Wood
Coffee Shop Concert—Jean Watson
Holidays Are Also Times For Mending Relationships, by Vijai P. Sharma, Ph.D
Narnia—Always Winter, Never Christmas, by Robert Marsh
Losing My Job, from AllAboutGOD.com
Coping With Job Loss, from AllAboutGOD.com
Stress Relief, from AllAboutGOD.com
Holiday Stress With a Little Humor, by Alan Smith
Feel Me, by Marianne Miles

More Related Resources
Comfort Cafe’s Help for the Hurting—Stress

November 2010—Lord, I Want To Be Skinny

Tell Me Your Story—Forgiveness, Broken to Beautiful, Part III, column by Ruth Wood
Coffee Shop Concert—Julia Gannon
Take Back Your Temple, by Kimberly Floyd
You Are What You Eat? by Stephanie McIver
Obesity Help – What’s the problem? from AllAboutGOD.com
From Broken to Beautiful—Scripture Foundations to Rebuild Your Lifefrom Interviewee

More Related Resources
Help for the hurting—overweight

October 2010—Loving A Prodigal

Tell Me Your Story—From Broken to Beautiful (Part II), column by Ruth Wood
Coffee Shop Concert—Russell and Kristi Johnson
Praying For Your Prodigal, by Ray Pritchard
How To Love A Prodigal by Jonathan Acuff
What Is Your Isaac? by Ray Pritchard

More Related Resources
Comfort Cafe’s Resource Page—Prodigal Children

September 2010—Home Alone (Adjusting to the Empty Nest)

Tell Me Your Story—From Broken to Beautiful (Part 1), column by Ruth Wood
Coffee Shop Concert—Cheri Showalter
Empty Nest: Wasn’t This The Goal? From AllAboutGOD.com
Great Is Thy Faithfulness, by Ray Pritchard
The Well-worn Bible, by Amy Bayliss
What Do You Want To Be When The Kids Grow Up? by Vicki Huffman
For All The Marbles, by Vicki Huffman
Touch Me, by Marianne Miles

More Related Resources
Comfort Cafe’s Resource, The Empty Nest

August 2010—Hope for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Tell Me Your Story—Molested? My Daughter? column by Ruth Wood
Coffee Shop Concert—Erica Dean
Self-Compassion or Self-punishment? by Karen Rabbitt
Thin Place? by Karen Rabbitt
Beginning to Heal From Sexual Abuse, by Karen Rabbitt
Statistics: Child Victims Of Sexual Abuse, by Bureau of Justice
What Do SA Survivors Need The Most? by Geni White
A Mother’s Spiritual Journey in the Aftermath, shared anonymously
Message From a Survivor, shared anonymously
Facts: Impact of Child Sexual Abuse, from various sources
Hear Me, by Marianne Miles

More Related Resources
Help for the Hurting—Abuse (Child Survivor)

July 2010—Knocked Down But Not Knocked Out

Coffee Shop Concert—Kristine Rommel.
Walking In the Dark, by Laura Gantenbein
Up From Depression, by Barbara Epp
Postpartum Depression—My Story, by Judy Dippel
Peace, Be Still! by Ray Pritchard
See Me, by Marianne Miles
Knocked Down But Not Knocked Out, by Ray Pritchard

More Related Resources
Comfort Cafe’s Help for the Hurting—Depression, Books and Websites
For my German-speaking readers: http://www.depression.jesus.ch

June 2010—Comfort In Friendships

Coffee Shop Concert—Abe and Liza Philip.
How I Learned to Be A Friend, by Ruth Wood
How Did Jesus Relate to Friends? by Ray Pritchard
They Need Me Every Hour, by Marianne Miles
How Are You Fixed For Friends? by Ray Pritchard
I Need A Friend, by Mary Southerland
An Any Weather Friend, by Teresa Bell Kindred
Another Way to Win, by Rubel Shelly

More Related Resources
Help for the Hurting—Friendships

May 2010—The Joy of Belonging in God’s Family

Coffee Shop Concert—Kiersten Venezia
Adopting Serena, by Kiersten Venezia
God’s Gift of Family Grace, by Phil Ware
Plenty of Room in the Family, by Ray Pritchard
The Gift of Forgiveness, by Mary Southerland
You And I Can Be Adopted Into The Family Of God, by Jan White

More Related Resources
Help for the Hurting—Adoption

April 2010—Heaven: Looking Up When Things Are Looking Down

Coffee Shop Concert, J’on Harris and “Voices.”
Dad, I Know Where I Am, by Stephanie Anderson
Enjoying God and Enjoying Heaven: Why They are Inseparable, by Randy Alcorn
A Person and a Place: Safely Home, by Randy Alcorn
The Hope of Heaven, by Dr. Ann Shorb
He’s Building A Place For You, by Dr. Ann Shorb
Adam’s Day, by Marianne Miles

Related Resources
Randy Alcorns’ extensive writings on heaven.

March 2010—Hope for Restoring Relationships

Coffee Shop Concert—Mela Kamin
Asking Forgiveness—the Other Side of the Story, by Brenda K. Blakely
Marriage Reconciliation, by Byron Ware
Picking Up the Pieces, from Biblical Foundations for Freedom
Everybody’s Talking ‘Bout Me…, by Marianne Miles
Forgive and Forget by Mary Southerland

February 2010—Help for Domestic Spousal Abuse

Coffee Shop Concert—Marie Barlow Martin
Follow Me Out: Reflections from an Ex-Abused Spouse, by Marie Barlow Martin
Words of Hope to Meditate On by Comfort Cafe
Debbie’s Acceptance of Her New Identity, by Sharon Jaynes

More Related Resources:
Comfort Cafe’s Resources—Help for the Hurting
Spouse Abuse—Misuse of Power:
Christianbook.com page listing material addressing domestic violence:

January 2010—Encouragement for Singles

Coffee Shop Concert—Lexi Elisha page.
Passing the Baton in the New Year, by Marianne Miles
Waiting: Choosing Calm Over Control, by Michele Howe
You Would Wait Too, by Daphne Landers

Relevant Articles:

December 2009—Finding God in Your Loneliness

Christmas Concert by Select Artists
Oh, Tidings of Comfort and Joy, by Marianne Miles
Overcoming Loneliness (A Christmas Sermon), by Ray Pritchard
A Gift At Christmas, by David Alan Black
Jesus Born in Humility (A Sermon), by Ron Ritchie
What Child is This? (A Sermon), by Ray C. Stedman
Jesus the Star of Christmas, by Sherry Allchin

Related Resources:
Dr. Stanley, Facing Our Loneliness
Sermon by John McArthur, The Power of Christmas Truth
Sermon from Lakeview Church on Loneliness by Dean Angell
Scripture Verses Addressing Loneliness:

November 2009—Giving Thanks In All Things

Coffee Shop Concert—Jolene Riley page.
Happiness is a Choice, by Ray Pritchard
The First Paradigm by Marianne Miles
Thanks in Everything? by Ronald A. Allchin
Choose To Give Praise, by Mary Southerland
Gratitude A Choice Worth Making, by Sherry Allchin

Related Resources:
Scriptures and Testimonies on Giving Thanks
Gratitude for Everything, by Ronald Getz

October 2009—Coming To Terms With Suffering

Coffee Shop Concert—Karen Burkhart page.
To Go On Living Is Christ—Cancer Diagnosis, by Becky Lynn Black
God Didn’t Make Me To Suffer, Part I, by Becky Lynn Black
God Didn’t Make Me To Suffer, Part II, by Becky Lynn Black
God Didn’t Make Me To Suffer, Part III, by Becky Lynn Black
The God of What-Ifs, by Becky Lynn Black
Coping With Trauma, by Becky Lynn Black
Is There A Purpose to Evil and Suffering We Overlook?, by Randy Alcorn
The Suffering Church, by David Alan Black
Handicapped? Serve the Lord Anyway!, by David Alan Black
Confessions of an Overachieving Mom, by Marianne Miles

Related Resources on Suffering:
Help for the Hurting—Cancer
Help for the Hurting—Hospice
Help for the Hurting—Grief

September 2009—Coping with Chronic Illness

Coffee Shop Concert—Kathleen Mikkelson
Learning to be Assertive despite the Fatigue of Illness, by Lisa Copen
Looking for Joy in Life When You Live with a Chronic Illness or Daily Pain, by Lisa Copen
Seeing Invisible Disabilities, by Dr. Douglas Groothuis
Can I Be Mad at God About My Illness? 3 Ways to Know, by Lisa Copen
Finding Purpose in the Pain: Living Successfully with Chronic Illness, by Lisa Copen
Minister to the Chronically Ill: 20 Ways in 20 Minutes, by Lisa Copen
Brothers for Life, by Marianne Miles, Miles to Go

More Resources for Coping with Chronic Illness:

Many more excellent articles by Lisa Copen, Director of Rest Ministries:
Coping With Chronic Illness—patients sharing their feelings

August 2009—Healing From Abortion

Coffee Shop Concert—Jaime Thietten
The Two Doors, by Julie Woodley
She Said Good-bye—Letter to My Unborn Baby by Julie Woodley
Can God Forgive Abortions? by Randy Alcorn
Self-Esteem: Question and Answer, by Randy Alcorn
The Truth About Abortion, by Ray Pritchard
What if the Teacher is Wrong? by Guest Writer, hosted by Marianne Miles
Grieving the Loss, by Sharon Jaynes

More Resources:
Stories of Abortion Recovery
Crisis Pregnancy Support

July 2009—Overcoming Depression

Coffee Shop Concert—Becky Carey.
The Other Side of the Fence, by Mimi Marie
Steff’s Stuff—Shoes and Blues, by Stephanie McIver
Prophet on the Run—Elijah’s Depression, by Ray Pritchard
Depression, Gratitude, and Charles Haddon Spurgeon, by Randy Alcorn
“It’s My Job, and I Like It Fine…”, by Marianne Miles, Miles to Go
Power in Weakness, by James MacDonald
A Fine Balance, by Phyllis Nissila
What Am I Doing in this Pit?, by Mary Southerland

What should a Christian do if overwhelmed with depression?
Bible Verses to Help Overcome Depression Listed Here:

June 2009—Deliverance From Addictions

Coffee Shop Concert—Linda Queen Andrews
Miles to Go: Taking the Time to Listen and Learn, by Karen Wescott
Help for Addiction to Food, by Barry Hall
Addicted to Beauty and Perfection, by Barry Hall
Longings of the Heart, by Randy Alcorn
How Do I Change? by Debra Gregory
Shattered Dreams, by Sharon Jaynes
God’s Healing Salve, by Sharon Jaynes

Helpful websites on the topic:
Drugs: Christian-Faith.
Gambling: Focus on the Family’s Troubled With page, God and Gambling.

May 2009—Tips For Parenting Special Needs Children

Coffee Shop Concert—Trish Crane page.
Line of Hope, by Marianne Miles
Identity Issues Parenting Special Needs Children, by Ruth Mortimer
Parenting Siblings of Special Needs Children, by Ruth Mortimer
Grief Reactions to Special Needs Diagnosis, by Ruth Mortimer
Romans 8:28—What Does It Really Mean?, by Randy Alcorn
God—Our GPS, by Bridget Gazlay
God’s Special Gift, by Shelley L Houston

April 2009—Developing A Healthy Body Image

The best article that I found on this topic is “Love the Skin You’re In” at Christianity Today.
Coffee Shop Concert—Marie
A Life of Meaning, by Marianne Miles
Steph’s Stuff—The Choice for Humility, by Stephanie McIver
Stop Hating Your Imperfect Body, by Dr. Linda S. Mintle
Is Beauty the Beast, by Dr. Linda S. Mintle
Ask Dr. Linda—Why Do I Overeat? by Dr. Linda S. Mintle
See Winning Over Worry, Part 3, by Mary Southerland
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, by Sharon Jaynes
When I Say I Am A Christian, by Carol Wimmer
Priorities—What Priorities? by Bridget Gazlay
The Illusionist, by Phyllis Nissila

More related resources on body image and eating disorders:
Healthy Body Image—Changing Women From the Inside Out

I’m Beautiful? Why Can’t I See It? I’m God’s Girl? Why Can’t I Feel It
Comfort Cafe’s Help for the Hurting—Eating Disorders
Comfort Cafe’s Help for the Hurting—Overweight

March 2009—Finding Hope in the Valley of Grief

Coffee Shop Concert—Nancy Nelson
Comfort, Comfort Ye My People, by Marianne Miles
When There Are No Answers, by Jill Thigpen
Happy Are The Sad, by Ray Pritchard
The First Seven Days…When Silence and Compassion are Enough, by Kathleen Ruckman
Breaking Points, by Ray Pritchard
Coping With Loss: Guide to Grieving and Bereavement, by Melinda Smith, M.A., Ellen Jaffe–Gill, M.A., and Jeanne Segal, Ph.D
Tips For Grieving, by Sandy Day
Winning Over Worry, Part 2, by by Mary Southerland
No Shrinking Back, by Elizabeth M. Thompson
Change Happens, by Angela L. Craig

February 2009—Overcoming Despite Chronic Health Challenges

Coffee Shop Concert—Jan Cline
When You Walk In Love, by Marianne Miles.
Wheelchair Bound—Is Is Fair? by Randy Alcorn
Can’t Sleep? 18 Ways to Get Some Sleep Despite Having a Chronic Illness, by Lisa Copen
When You’re Tempted to Speed Up the Trip to Heaven, by Lisa Copen
How to Celebrate Life Despite Living with a Chronic Illness, by Lisa Copen
Can I Be Mad at God About My Illness? 3 Ways to Know, by Lisa Copen
Getting Rid of the Worry-Clutter, by Bridget Gazlay
Winning Over Worry, Part 1, by Mary Southerland

January 2009—Coping With Divorce

Coffee Shop Concert—Becky Thomas
Miles to Go—Wonderfully Made, by Marianne Miles
One Word You Shouldn’t Say in 2009, Sermon By Ray Pritchard
Sleeping Together and Christ’s Global Cause, Sermon By Ray Pritchard
What Does the Bible Say About Divorce and Remarriage? Sermon By Ray Pritchard
Circumstances or Perspective? by Randy Alcorn
A New Year’s Perspective, by Filoiann Wiedenhoff
Big Bang, by Phyllis Nissila

Additional resources related to Coping With Divorce:
Help for the Hurting—Divorce
Help for the Hurting—Grief
Help for the Hurting—Moving/Transitions
Help for the Hurting—Singleness
Help for the Hurting—Single Parenting
Help for the Hurting—Stress

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