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How To Know God

Knowing God

Do you feel in need of God’s comfort, love, and healing in your life? Did you know that God longs to have a personal relationship with you through His son, Jesus Christ? Would you like to become a Christian? To learn more about how to enter into a personal relationship with Christ, click on How to Become a Christian.

Or, maybe you’re not yet ready to take that step. Perhaps you have questions like, “Does God really exist?” “Who is Jesus Christ?” For answers to these questions and more, click on the “All About God” link HERE.

The Bible

The Bible is God’s instruction book for life, covering such important topics like family relationships, physical health, financial health, sexuality, and dealing with stress. Within its pages, readers will find comfort, wisdom, instruction, and healing. To download a free Bible-reading plan, click HERE.

Finding a Church

God designed us for community. That’s why it’s important that you make a commitment to a local, Bible-believing church. To find a church near you, click HERE.

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth happens over time not over night. Just as our physical body requires proper nutrition, exercise, and rest to function optimally, so, too, our spirits require daily nourishment and strengthening to remain healthy. Make it a habit to spend time daily in God’s Word and prayer. Find a Bible-believing church and become involved in a small group or a home study. Participate in weekly worship and incorporate worship into your daily prayer time.

God has a plan and a purpose for your life. You are not a mistake. God never meant for you to be a victim. Through Jesus Christ, God will make you a conqueror. He will redeem the pain and suffering you have known and use it to bring help and healing to others.

Henri Nouwen in his book, Bread for the Journey, explains it eloquently, “Nobody escapes being wounded. We all are wounded people, whether physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. The main question is not “How can we hide our wounds?” so we don’t have to be embarrassed, but “How can we put our woundedness in the service of others?” When our wounds cease to be a source of shame, and become a source of healing, we have become wounded healers.”

Dear Lord,
Thank you that You are a God of redemption and restoration. Take the broken pieces of my life and make me into a new creation, a vessel of beauty and purpose. Heal me spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Take what the enemy has meant for evil and destruction in my life and use it for good. Let me be a “wounded healer” in the life of another. In Jesus’s name. Amen.