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Temptation or Test?
Saga of the Three Chest Hairs
Praying for Your Adult Children
Aging Gracefully
If God Fears Not, Why Should I?
King David’s Parenting—Triumph Despite Tragic Failure
The Road to Emmaus
Musician’s Cafe—Julia Gannon
New Year’s Resolution: Jesus First


A Foundation For Our Times
Rock Beneath My Feet
Help! It’s Hard to Change!
The Glory of God’s Goodness
Starting Over
Biblical Sleep Hygiene
Easter Fashion
Why We Hide
Illegible Dactylogram
Happy New Year


Not as the Pagans . . .
Jesus Unmedicated
“Crossbearer” Plants
Seeking First the Kingdom
Food, Me, and Romans 7
Me and Dogs and Dr. Viktor
A Dark Stairwell
If Your Wife Wrote Ten Commandments
Those Far Off
The Secret
Catherine of Aragon


The Light Is Already Here!
Wide Open Spaces of the Heart
The Devil Behind That Bush
Unbelief Restrains Blessings
Tears That Sow a Harvest
A Beetle in Church
Jesus Asleep at the Wheel
They Don’t Know What They Do
A Courageous Grandmother
A Good Heart
Knock and the Door Will be Opened


Wonderful Counselor
Small Matters
Hope Despite Chaos
Yoga and Worship
Rest? What’s That?
My Contact Lenses
A Wilting Rose
Prayer and Praise from Prison
Will Jesus Be Disappointed?
Can’t Believe I Did it Again!
Love Wins
A Stilled and Quiet Soul


Homemade Christmases
My Deepest Gratitude
Jesus, Husbands, and Prayer
Forgiveness Requires Faith
Hope in the Valley of Shadows
My Easy Life
Hope Renews a Faltering Heart
Stars or Stepping Stones?
Friends Who Don’t Get It
Don’t Want to Settle
Why Don’t I Have Friends?
A Jug of Oil in Famine


The Secret Longings of Christmas
Miracles for others, yes…but for me?
Gladly Proved Wrong
Ach, Backing Up Is Hard To Do!
Written Into The Story
Holy Smoke, I’m Getting Old!
A Graduation Message
Message in the Sky
She Sat On The Casket!
Run For The Prize, Part II
Run For The Prize, Part I
I Love You, Lord


Christmas Is Jesus
A Worshipping Bird
Suffering—A Gift?
The Ride Of My Life
In His Presence—The Holy Spirit, Part II
The Holy Spirit—My Travel Companion, My Friend, Part I
My Algebra Class and Spiritual Logic
Why I’m Mad At My Cat
Mary Magdalene’s Passion
Surviving The Undertow Of Grief
Protected By The Name Of Jesus
You’re Kidding—Forgive How Many Times?


Mary Tells Her Story (Monologue)
Coping With Loss—Our Greatest Resource
Antidote To Worry
God With Us
The Last Frontier
In The Net
Random Musings
Job, A Grief Observed
My Personal Testimony
Can’t Go On?
Feel Like No One Cares?
Thought for the Day
Feeling Confined?
Living in the Present
For All Have Abused
One Thing is Needed
Take Up Your Cross and Follow
Knowing Myself
Fit for Service


The Christmas Room
Being Known
Giving Thanks
I Choose Life!
Psalm 23
Halloween Memories
The Hem of His Robe
Flights to Cloud Nine
What I Learned About Life From My Piano
Going Deeper
Discouraged in Love?
Roses, Pizza and Memories
Hugging Lessons
God, Cops, and Me
Rough Cut Diamonds
Walk beside me and be my friend ~ Albert Camus
When God Runs Late (A Talk Given at EBF)
In The Palm Of His Hands (published devotional)